I'm eager to influence with the power of design, from big-picture branding projects to everyday design in signage and letterheads. I'm especially interested in finding ways to combine design with social advocacy and awareness in nonprofits.

I'm a college graduate with interests in branding, social media, and writing. Through my rhetoric background, I'm able to more fully complete branding projects by looking at the big picture. You might know what you need to make, but it's important to analyze audience, form, and message before you start creating. 

I'm obsessed with alternative logos and thoughtful design. Thoughtful typography combinations and donuts give me butterflies. I genuinely enjoy helping people and finding ways to collaborate.

My goal is to eventually grow my project Thycan Survivors into a nonprofit organization. Working on it now, through social media, truly fills my soul up to the tippy top. Recently, I had posted an image on our Instagram story of a woman's thyroid cancer scar and the text "Show your scars." I hadn't meant it as an invitation, simply an encouragement. However, for the next three days I had survivors from all over the world sending in their scars. Some were a few days old and some were almost completely faded. I got to connect with survivors from Athens, Brazil, Iran, Canada, and Romania. I received so many messages grateful for seeing all the scars and how it made survivors feel less alone. 
This is the type of work I thrive doing, and hope I can one day do full-time. 

Thank you! I'll be in contact with you soon.
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